Only the latest wallpapers, the ones that I've created since January of 2011, are available on Piandao.org.  I've also revamped this section.  Previews for each wallpaper are twice the size they were before, a wider variety of resolutions are available and, to be kind to slower machines, there are only five wallpaper previews per page. :)

February 26, 2011

The original thirty one wallpapers (nine from Iroh.org, twenty two from Piandao.org) are accessable from my archives on Muyo.org.  Moving them freed up roughly 170 megs from Piandao.org's server. :D  Click your resolution to view each wallpaper.

Agni Kai
The Avatar State
Ba Sing Se
The Girls of Ba Sing Se
The Eastern Air Temple
The Earth Kingdom National Symbol
The Fire Nation National Symbol
Dark Lotus v.1
Dark Lotus v.2
Master of the Elements
Zuko: Meditation
The Northern Air Temple
The Four Elements
The Northern Water Tribe
The Order of the White Lotus
Dark Lotus v.3
The Southern Air Temple
Penguin Sledding
The Southern Water Tribe Fleet
Leaving the Southern Air Temple
Fong's Base
The True Phoenix King
The Western Air Temple
White Lotus
The Water Tribes National Symbol
Mother And Son
The Perfect Prince