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April 1, 2012

If you've decided to wait until the April 14th television premiere of The Legend of Korra, then this entire update, as well as next Sunday's, will contain spoilers.

Nine panshots from the "Welcome To Republic City" have been posted.

I spent the week making...a lot of icons, and I updated the ones I originally posted a couple of weeks ago with clean copies.  So let me hook you up: Amon, Bolin, Hasook, Hobo, Jinora, Katara, Korra, Lin Bei Fong, Mako, Meelo, Naga, Pema, Captain Saikhan, Tenzin, Toza, Duets, Scenes, and Metalbending Police, as well as the TLOK Icon Index.

If Piandao.org does not look like this, then you should update your browser.  Otherwise, you won't be able to navigate the site.  I coded this version using HTML5 because the symantic write-up for HTML5 is cleaner than 4.1 and even XHTML 1.1 strict.  But the new elements introduced in HTML5, meant to provide better structure for web pages, aren't recognized by older browsers.

Piandao.org's design is flexible/elastic.  That means, it adjusts to the width of your browser window, regardless of resolution.

With the exception of the Screenshot Blanks, The sections under Resources aren't online yet.  I have the custom Photoshop presets I've created for my own purposes scattered all over my backup server.  I just have to hunt them all down and organize them into a presentable Thing for the site.

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April 22, 2012

The Photoshop Docs section, containing 33 Photoshop document downloads for the various custom icons and banners found on Piandao.org, has finally been launched. :D

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