July 20, 2013

When this section was founded as a subdomain on Muyo.org in 2006, there was no such thing as a "Look Inside" on Amazon, there was no access to previews on the publishers' web sites, and iTunes didn't even sale books.  This section has always been here so people could find out what was inside these books so they would know what they were potentially paying for.  As an aside, I no longer have a scanner (haven't had one for two plus years) so I obviously have no way of scanning many of the newest books from Simon and Schuster, anyway.  In the case of the comics, people have made the entire series of Dark Horse comics available for download.  This section no longer serves a useful purpose, all things considered.

Things of Interest

-- A RAR archive of the scans has been uplaoded to my MediaFire account.
-- Avatar Spirit has a comprehensive listing of all the A:TLA and TLOK books complete with links to their pages on Amazon.com.
-- YOU CAN STILL LOOK AT 30 HIGH QUALITY DITITAL IMAGES FROM THE A:TLA ARTBOOK! :D  I love the artbook.  I didn't have the heart to remove it from the site.  If Dark Horse offers the option to purchase a digital copy of the TLOK Artbook, I plan to make previews available for it, too.
-- Visit the Icons section to view icons from various comics and books.