Frequently Asked Questions

Before sending me feedback, please take some time to read over this FAQ to make sure your question hasn't alraedy been answered.  Thanks, in advance. :D

January 29, 2012: This FAQ is a work in progress.

Will you make full episodes or entire books available for download?
How do you make your screencaps?
PowerDVD 6 for the A:TLA shots and VLC Player for the TLOK shots.  The Information Page provides a more detailed explanation of the types of resources that go in to reproducing content for both and
Can I download the screenshots?
All available downloads, including the screenshots, can be accessed from the Downloads page.
Can I hotlink to the images on
I don't care.  If the bandwidth usage from hotlinking becomes a costly burden, I will simply enable hotlink protection for certain directories on my server.  Of course hotlinking to the icons has and will always be welcome since the bandwidth usage for 100 x 100 icons is negligible.  You're encouraged to find your own hosting solutions for other images you want to use, though, or your images can and will most likely end up broken.  I like to reorganize things on the site from time to time and that involves moving stuff around and renaming files.
Why are your movie files archived as RARs?
I don't want people streaming mpeg-4s from the site.  That's the sort of thing that will eat up my bandwidth.  I am looking into a streaming solution.  No promises.
Can I use's resources?
Yes.  You don't need to ask me, and you don't need to give credit.  I claim no ownership to the raw resources I've reproduced.  Despite the time and effort it took to reproduce them, the screenshots, panoramic shots, book scans, movie and music files, and icon bases are the legal property of Viacom & Nickelodeon.  All of my custom graphics, fan art, fan fiction, and other creative fanworks, and even the code for this web site (CSS and HTML), are posted into the public domain under a Creative Commons License.
What about a forum/cbox/chat/Facebook group, etc, for some interaction?
No.  I'm too lazy to admin/moderate forums.  But there's a Tumblr for Piandao and, and a decent chance that it might get updated with information from time to time.
Can I post the fan art and stories?
You'll have to take that up with the artists and authors of whatever work(s) you're interested in reposting.
How can I join's staff?
You can't. doesn't even have a staff.
How can I contribute to the site?
I accept contributions in the form of Piandao-centric fan fiction and fan art. :)  Only works where Piandao is the/one of the featured main character(s), please, and nothing with a rating greater than T/PG13/TV14.
Can I affiliate with
If you have a content-rich web site, send me your link and I'll post it on the Affiliates Page.  Before requesting an affiliation, please make sure you've read the Affiliate's Page carefully.
Could you please make a Book 4: Air, air Legend of Korra/stop making Legend of Korra so you can make Book 4: Air, recast/remake THE LAST AIRBENDER, or [INSERT OTHER THING ONLY VIACOM/NICKELODEON CAN DO]? is an unofficial fan site and is not at all affilated with Viacom or Nickelodeon.  I've never worked for Viacom or Nickelodeon, and I don't ever plan to.  I have absolutely no control over any aspect of A:TLA/A:LOK/TLA's franchises, and can't help you out with these problems you're having.
Will you be posting [stuff] from the movie?
No. No [stuff] from THE LAST AIRBENDER or any part of it's franchise will be posted to  Unfortunately, I can't tell you where you can get your TLA graphics and media fix.  Perhaps Last Airbender Fans Online has what you're looking for.