White Lotus

The members of the Order of the White Lotus were getting older now. In fact, Piandao was the youngest of them. They had always been on the lookout for new recruits - people who embodied the ideals of the Order. But finding people like that in the Fire Nation was easier said than done. He had to find someone who believed that learning and knowledge should be shared throughout the world. Piandao had thought for sure that he'd find many worthy candidates amongst his students.

The problem arose when he realized that of the few students he accepted, none were worthy of the Order.

Then Sokka came along.

Of the students that he had trained in the way of the sword, Sokka was different. He wasn't the most skilled man, and he wasn't the strongest, but he was the most promising.

He watched the young man from the Water Tribe as he made his sword over the long night. He definitely had the determination to be a master. The next morning, as he presented the sword to his young pupil, he looked into Sokka's eyes, and knew he was looking into the future.

He'd made his decision.

Just after Sokka and his friends had left, Piandao opened his desk drawer and pulled out the White Lotus tile he kept there. He held it in his had for a brief moment and smiled as he remembered the day Bumi had given it to him. He placed it in a small velvet pouch and instructed Fat to give it to Sokka before he got too far away. He watched from a window as Sokka opened the bag and looked at the tile. He chuckled to himself as he imagined Sokka's reaction. It would be the same as his all those years ago.

Total confusion.

But he was confident that one day, Sokka - like himself - would understand.