Photoshop Documents

So, rather than have you read through a long wall of text before you get to the downloads, I've decided to put all relavant information at the bottom of the page.  if You have questions about the PSDs, please scroll down and read it before sending me an e-mail.  Thanks. :D

PSDs For Custom 100 x 100 Icons
Previews are at 100%.

PSDs For Custom 400 x 200 Signature Banners
Previews are at 75%.

Relavant Information:

This page only contains the list of Photostop Documents (PSDs) that are available for downloading directly from  They work in Photoshop CS or later.  If you're an aspiring graphics maker, PSDs, which contain the various layers to each graphic, are a great learning tool because you can turn layers on and off to see how each layer's effects (styles, brushes, patterns, etc.) affect and influence lighting and the general look and feel of each image.  Of course PSDs are completely editable.  So, if you just wanted to experiment, add your own effects or some text, maybe some actions, then go crazy because that's how you learn.  If you end up making something you really like using these PSDs as your foundation, feel free to use it, redistribute it...whatever.  Why let all that hard work go to waste? ;)

To conserve space, I've only made the PSDs for my custom icons and banners available for direct downloading.  But I can make the other PSDs for my wallpapers available upon request. ;(  The backgrounds and other graphics I retired to last year were made in Paint Shop Pro, and I don't have the PSPs for them, so I can't provide you with their layers.